Being Bullied by a Sibling May Impact Mental Health

Researchers found that 18-year-olds who were teased or bullied by a sibling were twice as likely as their peers to report depression or attempt self-harm. [grabpress_video … [Read more...]

Study: Exercise can help kids with ADHD

A study found that regular half-hour sessions of aerobic activity before school helped young children with symptoms of ADHD become more attentive and less moody. … [Read more...]

“ADHD a Fictitious Disease” Deathbed Confession from Inventor of ADHD

  Leon Eisenberg:  “ADHD is a Fictitious Disease” Fortunately, the Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics – AO says: just another “service” used to conceal EUGENICS … [Read more...]

Our Kids On Psychiatric Medications CAUSE Chemical Imbalance and Mental Illness

For decades, scores of doctors, government officials, journalists, and others have extolled the benefits of psychiatric medicines for children. GENERATION RX presents "the rest of the story" and … [Read more...]