Dr. Belinda Ross



 Dr. Belinda Ross currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she is an instructor at the historical Spelman College where she teaches in the Psychology Department. She is also an instructor of Psychology and Career Success at Anthem Technological College.

For ten years Dr. Ross had a private practice in Los Angeles, California where she was a therapist treating multiple mental disorders.  She received a certification under penal code 2000 to counsel first time drug offenders who were reprimanded by the courts to seek treatment, or complete jail time.  She worked with individuals, couples and families facing the issues involved in drug addiction and abuse.

Dr. Ross was a faculty member of National University for over twenty years in California.  She was an instructor of psychology and specifically taught in the chemical dependency strand of courses.

Throughout her career she has helped write and organize programs for those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse.  She has served as program director for psychiatric facilities in the Los Angeles area which include Charter Hospitals and the Psychiatric Institutes of America.

Dr. Ross holds a Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral degree with the latter being in Clinical Psychology.  She is a native of Chicago, Illinois however she was raised in Flint Michigan, returning to Chicago in the summers.  In 1980 she moved to Los Angeles, California where she became a Fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles Anderson School of Business.  In 2005 she moved to Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Johnny who passed away in October of 2012 from a long illness.

Dr. Ross is a sought after motivational speaker and has traveled the United States speaking in many venues.  She is the founder of  the ‘AM I MY SISTER’S KEEPER’ conferences for women around the world.

Dr. Ross believes that there is good in everyone and everyone is worth finding the good within themselves.