Chris Brown, ordered to 90 days Rehab


Reported by (CNN) -- Chris Browns probation officer reported Wednesday, Brown was booted from a rehab facility this month after smashing his mother's car window during a family session. The judge … [Read more...]

Eminem Interview: Drugs Nearly Killed Me!


Eminem reveals to Showbiz Tonight's Brooke Anderson intimate details about his battle with drugs that nearly killed him. … [Read more...]

Rappers and drug rehab


Despite drugs often being glorified in rap and hip hop songs, many rappers are reluctant to go to drug rehab, It could be taken as a sign of weakness in the hip hop world. … [Read more...]

Amy Winehouse


LONDON (AP) - Amy Winehouse died from accidental alcohol poisoning when she resumed drinking after a period of abstinence, a second coroner's inquest confirmed Tuesday. Coroner Shirley … [Read more...]