A Day In The Life Of Three Heroin-Addicted Sisters (VIDEO)


Watch as three sisters in their 20s, Valeen, Amanda and Tiffany, allow Dr. Phil’s cameras to reveal what a day in their life is like as heroin addicts.

Linda and Rich say their three 20-something daughters are all hooked on heroin — and the parents disagree about how to handle the situation. Linda admits she enables her daughters by giving them money, paying their bills and providing a place to stay, but she says she just can’t kick them out — like Rich wants to do. Dr. Phil gives the couple an uncensored look at a day in their daughters’ lives — obtaining money at any cost, buying drugs and shooting up together. Will this be the eye-opener the parents need to stop enabling their daughters and help save their lives? And, will the siblings accept help?

“Once we found out that each other was using, we were, like, what the hell? We might as well all get high together,” says Valeen, 27. “We shoot up every single day, five, six, seven times a day.”

It wasn’t always like this. Valeen was once headed to college; Amanda was homecoming queen and had plans of becoming a dental hygienist; and Tiffany was a star athlete. But now their lives revolve completely around scoring drugs. “When we wake up in the morning, the first thing on our minds is to get high,” Valeen says. “It’s like I’m married to it.

Source: Huffington Post


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